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My Daughter's Story
Jordyn Baron

Shortly after moving to a new community, my daughter was just starting her Grade 11 school year in a new school. Just as she was finishing up her summer vacation, she started experiencing full body hives. We knew it was not environmental because it was happening in many different locations across several provinces. We could not pinpoint any new products. When I took her to our family doctor you get all the familiar questions – did she eat anything different, did she use a different personal care product, did we switch laundry detergents, was it only happening in our home? And the answer to all those questions was NO. The only thing we could think of was she had just finished receiving the HPV vaccination. We knew that other friends of hers had reacted to the HPV vaccination and even had to stop getting the series of shot due to the risk. But this was dismissed by the medical doctor.

Her symptoms would come on at different times of the day but typically at night which did not allow her to get proper rest. Red raised blotches all over her body that were terribly itchy and hot to the touch. She could not find relief in any lotions, prescription creams, bathing and could not stop scratching until spots were raw. There were even times when between her eyes and her lips would swell like she was having an anaphylactic reaction. This was very concerning. We had seen our MD several times and were even referred to a dermatologist without resolution. She was taking way more than the recommended dose of OTC antihistamines and it was not even touching the symptoms. We got to the point where we were making a trip to the emergency room every 24 hours to have her put on an IV with an antihistamine, anti-inflammatory drug, and another medication to protect the stomach from the first two. One ER doctor even prescribed eight yes eight repeats of an EpiPen to take as needed…. what?? I knew enough that was not the intended purpose for this type of prescription. 

We realized that the medical field did not know what to do for her and told us to go home and take over the counter medications as needed. Brushed us off as if to say don’t come back. We were at a loss for answers. This was very troubling because we expected western medicine to be there for us. We saw doctors at the children’s hospital, allergy specialist, and finally received a diagnosis of Chronic Urticaria. Which did not give us any answers just a label that means there is inflammation in the body and the medical field does not know what is causing that inflammation. The medical field knows that many people find relief in a diagnosis (label) and can then move forward with learning how to live with that diagnosis. We had no answers and I could not imagine my daughter taking that amount of OTC medication because of the implications to her long-term health. It was frustrating that we were not able to find the cause of the symptoms.

At this time, we were still not used to seeking the help of a naturopath, so it unfortunately took us some time to go see him. He spent over an hour with her talking about things that had happened in her life emotionally and physically. I now say it is like having a counselling session, learning session and treatment all in one visit. When he was done, we had a plan and started that day. It only took two days for her to no longer have flair ups. I was blown away and she could now get some sleep.  After all that time and frustration and pumping her full of OTC and prescription medication with no answers it was gone just like that. She had a couple minor flair ups but that was it. 

I started to become more aware of how many other people are also fighting a battle with their health and feel they aren’t getting the answers they need to feel well. This experience gave me some serious motivation to start learning about the body and what we can do to look after it, and then sharing that with my loved ones and helping them make changes came naturally.


My Husband's Story
Chris Richter

I was tired of being tired! Struggling with the basic daily functions that a typical 40 something year old should be able to do. I was dealing with the effects of West Nile virus (encephalitis) which I contracted in the summer of 2007.

I was off work for 17 months, sleeping 20-22 hours a day for the first several months. My head and body ached constantly. I was taking what the nurses called the pain killer cocktail, 2 or 3 Tylenol and then two hours later, 2 or 3 Advil and repeat over and over. Guys that is not good for your body. I was missing family functions and not being able to work took its toll. I was used to working 10 to 12 hours a day, running to children’s events, volunteering as a coach and on school committees as well as being busy around the house in the evenings. All this had a negative impact on my personal and professional life. Depression soon set in.

The lingering effects included a compromised immune system, a reduction of some brain (executive) function and total fatigue. Western medicine had no answer as to what I could do to recover. In the summer of 2010, I had now moved from a small lot in the city to an acreage that needed a lot of work. We were upkeeping approximately 4 acres of property, cutting grass, planting tree lines, gardening, etc. I had to be careful not to overexert myself when working outside particularly in the heat. Any time a cold or flu went around I would catch it and be in bed anywhere from 1 to 3 days. Any changes to my schedule like early mornings or late nights would result in me needing to recover by resting for a day or two. This was not the life I wanted, and I needed something to change.

My wife started researching alternative solutions. I was a huge skeptic of natural or alternative medicine, and I mean HUGE. A friend of the family referred me to a naturopath that he had been seeing for his West Nile symptoms. I started getting chelation treatments of Vitamin C, minerals, and other goodness to build my body back up. I saw a BIG improvement. After only a few weeks of getting chelation twice a week, I was not exhausted nearly as much. I wanted to continue treatments at this pace, but the treatments are not cheap and there is little to no coverage on most insurance plans. I needed to find an alternative to help support the progress I was seeing and to reduce the cost of seeing my naturopath twice a week.

Fast forward to 2014, We did some researching and found a testimony of someone who had used some natural products specifically for West Nile with success. Was this just another product we wouldn’t use? After some hesitation we placed our first order. I am now rarely sick, and I can do the things I want and need to do. I don’t want to think about what our life would have been like if we had not taken that leap of faith! We now use them daily in all areas of our life. They not only support our overall health, but they save us money on our regular spending at the grocery store.

I’ve come so far in my recovery and am now armed with knowledge and have tools at my fingertips to help every single day. My life is so full of wellness, I don’t have to be exhausted or sick anymore.

I want to empower as many people as I can, especially those SKEPTICS (like me), to give natural medicine a chance and reclaim your health. I AM here to help you navigate the road and avoid some of the common pitfalls. My wife and I and our children have created an exclusive community of support, so no one has to feel alone on their wellness journey.

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My Story
Rhonda Richter

I started to become more aware of how many other people are also fighting a battle with their health after dealing with my husband’s and my daughter’s health issues. And most express they feel they aren’t getting the answers they need. This experience gave me some serious motivation to start learning about the body and what we can do to look after it. Sharing my knowledge with loved ones, to help them make changes to improve their health, came naturally.

Shortly after I started diving into the world of natural health and wellness, I had to be my own health advocate. One evening my husband and I were out having supper and I started getting blisters on my hands. Thankfully I took my rings off because within 24 hours my fingers were swollen up like sausages and I now had at least 100 blisters on each hand. Plus, it was terribly itchy. I went to my MD and received a prescription for pills and a cream to apply topically. This did not help reduce the swelling or take the itch away.  I went back and received a referral to a Dermatologist. I was hopeful I would get some help because now I was unable to work. All in a matter of a few days I could barely grip the steering wheel and definitely could not hold a pen. Typing was painful. 

While I was waiting to get into the dermatologist, I started getting a few blisters on my feet. Thankfully that did not continue. In the meantime, I started looking up my symptoms and what could be causing them. I came across nickel allergy as being one possibility. When I finally met with the Dermatologist, I told her the history and what I had looked into myself. I knew enough at this point to know that my body was trying to tell me something was wrong. The Dermatologist seemed uninterested in discussing what was wrong and prescribed me another version of the cream. I left terribly frustrated and in tears. This was affecting my personal life and my work. I could barely hold cutlery at this point. I knew I had always had a sensitivity to nickel, so it just made sense when I started looking at the past few months. I had been giving blood on a regular basis and had become slightly anemic so had to stop contributing for a while. 

I turned to the same naturopath and told him the same story I had given to both my MD and Dermatologist. He asked me some additional questions to do some of his own analysis. I learned that since I had been eating more chocolate than usual (I did not know chocolate had trace amounts of nickel) and canned tuna as a quick lunch during the busy season, combined with being anemic  all added up to a nickel allergy which presented in the form of blisters on my hands. He started with a chelation treatment that same visit and by the time I was finished with the treatment my hands were tingling and the blisters were starting to go down. What a relief. I was sent home with natural products to use on a daily basis to help build my body back up. 

I have come to know through these and many other of life’s lessons that the best way to heal the body is to give it what it needs to build itself up. I no longer want to use products that mask the symptoms or cause an overload on our systems (google bioaccumulation). I now have a prevention mindset and teach others to do the same. 

When I’m not helping others advocate for their health, I am spending time with my husband, our children and our grandchildren, working towards being debt free, choosing to see the good in every situation, and spending time with like minded members of our community of health advocates. 

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My name is Jordyn but I prefer to be called Jord🙏🏽
I have one tattoo- right there on my bicep- the words “follow your dreams” in my grandpas handwriting. He wrote this in my graduation card and just before we lost him to aggressive cancer less than a year later. This quote holds a huge place in my heart.
I’m 26 now (2020), and I have 3 kids aged 5, 3 & 2.   Being a mom is the most challenging, fun and fulfilling thing I’ve ever done. My kids honestly keep me laughing and moving through life and I’m SO grateful for their craziness💜
I grew up in a small town called Carberry MB. From there I attended 3 different high schools- Brandon, Selkirk and Winnipeg... basically searching for teachers that I loved to learn from cause I’ve always loved to learn and been fascinated with knowing WHY everything happens... wonder where my kids get it from🥴
In 2014, I was introduced to oils by my mom who basically forced me to like oils in the beginning 🤣 For real— I used to avoid complaining in front of her cause I didn’t wanna hear which oils I shoulda been using LOL. Oh how tables have turned.
Turns out when you actually learn the facts and try it out, you fall head over heels for this oily life!! We all start out as skeptics, so don’t worry you’ll catch on!
I started using oils and at the same time wrote my MCAT (medical college admissions test) when I was pregnant with my first babe at 19 years old. I did well enough to apply to Med but my heart tugged me in a new and beautiful direction which led me to naturopathic medical school in Toronto at the age of 23!
As I navigated the program and simultaneously built my business and developed as a young person, I made the decision to walk away from formal education (something I NEVER thought would be a part of my story) because I felt I was doing the world and my future patients a disservice by having to hold back important information from them🤭
I’ve been a full-time entrepreneur and stay at home mama for over two years now and I know I’m exactly where I should be🙏🏽 I am forever thankful for everything my mom has done for me but forcing me to open my eyes to oils is at the top of that list!!👏🏽
I sincerely thank each one of you for following my journey and being so incredibly kind and supportive. I love showing up for y’all on my Instagram @jordyamanda everyday. I firmly believe I have the best job and coworkers EVER and I hope that you’ll continue to learn alongside me and grow in wellness🌿
I’ve learned to do what makes me happy because in the end, I’m the only one who can make me happy and give my children a happy mother who loves life🌸
Hope on over to my Instagram and feel free to ask me something you’d like to know🙏🏽

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