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I get it...

As women who have dedicated a majority of the years of our lives to our families, relationships, children, or even careers, it can feel a bit odd to want to shift that focus back towards yourself. 

You're just not used to it anymore.

And yet you want to love the way you look again. 
You want to feel good in your own skin. 
You want to smile for selfies with your kids and grandkids and show them how much FUN it is to be your age.

And you deserve all of that.
While I believe aging is a gift, some of the things that go along with aging aren’t always welcomed with open arms. Our skin changes, our body changes, and aches and pains appear out of nowhere.

It’s totally common (however it is not 'normal') and there are natural and holistic ways to treat all of it and reverse the signs of aging to look and feel your best at any age.

We take an inside-out, holistic approach to beauty and wellness so you love what you see and feel more confident than you have in years. 

WHAT IF... You found the tools to become a healthier version of yourself? What would you do and how would you feel?

With healthcare clinics on every corner and almost 6,000 registered hospitals in the US and almost 2,000 in Canada, we are armed and ready to be sick. 

But what if as a society we made a shift and were better at health care than we are at sick care? 

Are You Sick & Tired of Being Sick & Tired? Are you sick & tired of seeing the signs of aging way too fast?

What if I told you there’s another way?

A way that would change your health in profound ways.
A way to be in prevention mode rather than chasing the symptoms.
A way to be better at health care than sick care.
A way to turn back the clock on aging.
A way to boost your immune system.
A way to make life easy and have tools at your fingertips.

I can tell you it is worth the effort 
and you will wish you started years ago.
The greatest medicine of all is to teach people how to not need it. ~Hippocrates

Hi, I am Rhonda
Advanced Mircrocurrent Technician | Raindrop Technician | Wellness Coach | Life/Business Coach
I’m the co-founder of Sp'Oil Yourself Wellness. My story is probably not too different than yours is. If you’re reading this, that means you are interested in looking and feeling like a million bucks without succumbing to harsh, invasive treatments, so we already have something in common.

My journey began with my own personal health crisis. I, like many of you, was told that what I was experiencing was “just a part of aging,” and "that I was too young to be experiencing menopause'' but that didn’t sit right with me. I knew there had to be other options out there for me, and once I discovered natural treatments like essential oils and oil-infused products my life changed. I got it back! 

I was able to heal myself and so can you, but you don’t have to figure it all out alone. 

My community and I are ready to take you by the hand and guide you through your options, find a plan that fits your desired results, and maybe even discover some opportunities for healing on a deeper level along the way.

How can I help you find wellness, purpose, and abundance? 
I want to help you uncuff your endocrine system and take back your health so that you can thrive!

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