Digestive System Protocol
A.K.A. your second brain protocol

Over 2000 years ago, Hippocrates said, “All disease begins in the gut.”

Now, 2000 years later, doctors, scientists, and researchers are starting to realize just how right he was! Over the past 20 years, research has revealed our gut health is fundamental to our overall health and well-being.

Gut health seems to be a( the top of everyone’s mind. A quick look at Google trends and you will find that the search term ‘best foods for gut health’ had a 350% increase from 20
12 to 2017 in the USA. More and more people are learning that healing our gut will go a long way in healing our various ailments. It has been studies that simply improving the gut bacteria in a patient can help support the health of diabetics, heart health, IBSA, obesity, autoimmune disorders, ADHD, as well as healthy emotions and peace. 

Doctors have now linked over 170 health conditions directly to an unhealthy gut! 

Our gut is often referred to as our little brain or second brain. The technical term for it is the enteric nervous system or ENS. It is comprised of two thin layers that contain more than 100 million nerve cells that line your entire GI (gastrointestinal) tract, from your esophagus all the way down to your rectum. While most focus on only the intestinal tract, it is important to realize that a healthy gut starts in your mouth with your saliva enzymes.

Probiotics are the healthy or good bacterial in your gut., When you are sick, it usually means there is more bad bacteria than good bacteria. Eating foods rich in probiotics is a great way to support the health of good bacteria in your gut. Yogurt, kefir, and sauerkraut are excellent sources, but many people need to supplement with a broader spectrum of healthy probiotics. One of the best broad-spectrum probiotics on the market is Life 9 TM from Yong Living.

Many researchers believe supporting intestinal health and restoring the integrity of the gut wall will be one of the most important goals of medicine in the next 10 years and for good reason!

Our gut is the epicenter for health in our body. If your gut is healthy, so are you! If it’s unhealthy… you are too! Your gut is responsible for:
  • Digestion
  • Vitamin, mineral, and nutrient absorption
  • Protection from infections
  • Metabolism
  • 75% of your Immune system
  • 95% of your serotonin production
These six functions are absolutely fundamental to our overall health and well-being which is why researchers from the Mayo Clinic, Harvard Medical School, Yale, and M.I.T are all saying, “Death begins in your gut!”

Supplements for this Protocol:
Tier 1- base protocol
  • Super C Supplement (antioxidant and immune support)
  • Life 9 Probiotics (Probiotic for the immune system and gut health) (adults)
  • Kidscents MightyPro Pre-Probiotics (for children & adults)
Tier 2
  • Essentialzymes-4 (digestive enzymes)
  • DiGize Essential Oil (symptomatic relief of digestive discomfort)

Ideal Supplement Schedule

As Needed
  • DiGize – use topically as needed throughout the day as a carminative and antispasmodic for symptomatic relief of digestive discomfort
Before Breakfast
  • Super C – Take 2 tablets with breakfast (if you forget, take them with breakfast)
  • Continue using
  • Super B - Take 1 tablet with breakfast
  • Endoflex - roll over your thyroid, adrenals, or vita flex points for the glands of the endocrine system
  • 2oz packet of Ningxia Red (can be taken in the afternoon instead)
     Continue using
  • Super B - Take 1 tablet with lunch
  • 2oz packet of Ningxia Red (if the afternoon slump is an issue take your Ningxia with a nutritious lunch)
Add in 
  • Essentialzymes-4 – Take 2 capsules (one dual dose blister pack) twice daily with the largest meals. 
  • Essentialzymes-4 – Take 2 capsules (one dual dose blister pack) twice daily with the largest meals. 
     Continue using
  • Cedarwood - diffuser 4-6 drops and/or place a drop in your palm and apply between your eyes and down the bridge of your nose. Inhale from your palms.
Add in
  • Life 9 – take 1 tablet following a meal or as needed 
Note: read the labels or refer to the Young Living website for further information on the products mentioned

Additional products to step up your game:
  • Super C (high antioxidants and helps flush toxins)
  • Multigreens (dark greens are natural chelators, which means they bind to heavy metals to clean the blood)
  • Prostate Health (male reproductive system support)
  • EndoGize (NFR - must be ordered from US market)
  • Progessence Phyto Plus (women reproductive system support)
  • Mister Essential Oil (enhance the feelings of masculinity)
  • Shutran Essential Oil (boost feelings of masculinity and confidence)
  • En-R-Gee Essential Oil (help restore mental alertness)

How long should I use this protocol?
Every person's needs are different and everyone's situation is different. Some may need to take this type of protocol every day, while others may only need it during certain seasons. 30 days of consistent use should be enough time to see how you feel. Please be your own best advocate and continue to listen to your body, ask questions, and educate yourself.

Digestive System Capsules
Digestive System Daily Capsule Recipes Using Plus/Vitality Oils
General Digestion
  • Recipe: 3 drops DiGize
  • Recipe: 3 drops JuvaFlex 
  • Recipe: 3 drops Juva Cleanse
Liver Support
  • Liver Recipe: 2 drops Dill, 1 drop Cardamom, 1 drop Sage, 1 drop Coriander
  • Liver Recipe: 3 drops Juva Cleanse, 1 drop Rosemary
  • Liver Recipe: 3 drops GLF, 1 drop Carrot Seed
  • Liver Recipe: 2 drops Rosemary, 1 drop Tangerine, 1 drop Celery Seed
Gallbladder Support
  • Gallbladder Recipe: 2 drop Lemon, 1 drop Spearmint, 1 drop Oregano 
  • Gallbladder Recipe: 2 drop Lime, 1 drop Peppermint, 1 drop Jade Lemon
  • Gallbladder Recipe: 2 drops German Chamomile, 1 drop Lime
Colon Health
  • Colon Recipe: 2 drops Thyme, 1 drop Fennel, 1 drop Cardamom
  • Colon Recipe: 2 drops Tarragon, 1 drop Cinnamon Bark, 1 drop Peppermint
Pancreas Health
  • Pancreas Recipe: 2 drops Coriander, 1 drop Cinnamon Bark
  • Pancreas Recipe: 1 drops Coriander, 1 drops Lemon, 1 drop Peppermint
Create a synergy first and then add 2-4 drops to a 0 or 00 size veggie capsule with a carrier oil, or simply add the desired recipe, then top off with a minimum of 4 drops olive or grapeseed carrier oil. Consume with 4-8 oz. of water.
You may create multiple capsules ahead of time or create one each day. Keep in the freezer in a labeled glass container.
How long should you use these capsules?
  • Do not take multiple recipes at the same time. Use only one for a couple of days and then rotate through a few to see what works best for your body.
  • There are two types of Vitality line essential oil capsules you may make: daily capsules or bomb capsules.
  • Daily capsules may be created as a recipe states and used for daily support.
  • Bomb capsules may be created using double or triple the recipes to create a ‘bomb’ for your system. A ‘bomb’ is a stronger capsule intended to give more aggressive support. Bombs should only be used 1-2 times over the course of 4-8 hours and only once per month. Please consult your doctor if you are sick. 
  • Daily capsules and bombs are meant to help support your terrain, meaning they strengthen your already healthy systems, protecting them from dipping below the wellness line.
  • Do not take multiple capsules for multiple systems at the same time. Give at least four hours between capsules.

Note: this is not a complete digestive system protocol but a suggestion to get you started. To dive deeper into what you might need, please contact the person who invited you to the group or use the ‘Contact Me’ button on the page and someone will get back to you to answer your questions.