Frequently Asked Questions:
What is unique about Micro Current Facial Rejuvenation? 
A completely painless, relaxing holistic approach that produces gradual long-term changes. The tone and texture of the skin are improved, giving a more youthful glow. This does not occur with plastic surgery. The advantage of our rejuvenation program lies in its holistic approach that addresses the actual causes of skin deterioration due to aging factors, as opposed to procedures like plastic surgery which masks without correcting the underlying imbalances.
How many sessions are recommended?
A course of 12 consecutive treatments. Smokers, the elderly, and those in poor health may require more sessions. Treatments can be done 1 to 3 times per week, with a non-treatment day between sessions.
How long is a session?
Approximately 45 -75 minutes per session
How many treatments does it take to see a difference?
A difference can be seen during the 1st treatment. One-half of your face is treated and the changes are pointed out. The most significant changes occur around the 4th- 6th treatment. Photos are taken at the 1st, 6th, and 12th sessions.
Are there any needles or injections or discomfort involved?
Absolutely not. If you feel anything at all it will be mild tingling in your face.
Is this treatment safe?
Microcurrent is a safe and non-invasive treatment that works in synergy with your body’s natural energy system
What can patients expect the result to be? 
A sensation of firmness and lift on the face after treatments.
Lines, wrinkles, sagging, bags, and dark circles can be wonderfully improved and even eliminated.
Patients often report increased energy and relaxation as well
Will the results be immediately noticeable like Botox injections? 
Some changes are immediately evident. How much immediate change depends on the patient’s skin condition, general health, and wrinkle depth. Expect a gradual transition to a more natural, healthier, and toned facial appearance. 
Are follow treatments recommended after my initial course of treatments? 
In order to protect your investment, follow-up treatments are recommended. The frequency depends on individual factors…usually, one session every one to four months i
s sufficient. 
100 % of patients indicated on the Patient Feedback Form that they would recommend this treatment and that they did see an improvement in their face.

98% of patients rated their satisfaction with the outcome as between 8-10 on a scale of 10 (with 10 being extremely pleased).

I am a wellness coach that can help you transform not only the way you look and feel about yourself, but can also help you transform your overall wellness.
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