Our Testimonies
Essential Oil & Pets
Personal testimony time....I wanted to share with pet owners in this group! We are a hunting family so if this bothers some people, I apologize....One of our dogs got close to some coyotes that were being “prepped” in my husband’s shop, and came in contact with fleas that remain on the fur of the coyotes (until treated)....... I did a little research (while I was freaking out 😂) and....Lemon and Rosemary...... the two oils were a saviour! 10 drops of each. Witch hazel and rest of 10oz bottle with warm water and spray the fur......... Fleas be gone! Seriously 🤯!

Hair growth
The left picture is Nov 9th and the picture on the right is Yesterday (Jan 21) before cutting it. So a little over 2 months and he’s been using just the Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood Hydrosol with cedarwood/lavender/rosemary oils in it!

This is a better one, he’s used the spray in his hair and his beard, look at that amazing growth/fullness in his cheeks! The left is also Nov 10 and right is Jan 21 after trimming!

Lets talk intimacy!
Have you ever walked down the intimates section at the drugstore? You know where the massage oils and personal lubricants are located? Well, if you turned over those bottles and check out the ingredients you would be shocked. They typically loaded with toxic ingredients (such as parabens, petroleum-based ingredients, phenoyxethanol, glycerin, propylene glycol and chlorhexidine) that can be found in industrial cleaners.
Do you want that on your body? Or how about in your mouth… you know when things get fun in the bedroom? Yeah, I didn’t think so.
In February We had a class and I made homemade lube. Nervous how that would go but then I had someone reach out to me with her results 😲
Here’s her testimony 👇
“I had a friend who deals with passions so I was asking about products that would help a female with lubrication who are in full MENOPAUSE. Yes ladies were being real here.
She suggested a product to use on my clitoris daily then I remember the samples you had given out at class. We had one used it once but it was so enjoyable.
I thought why would I use another product when I have a natural product that supports my body and not full other ingredients.
That night before I went to bed I applied the sample to see how it goes. After literally a minute of applying the lube I was so aroused . It was crazy. I woke up the next morning and am still feeling aroused.
At first I was shocked that it worked so I wanted to try it again because I was skeptic. Applied it before my partner came home from work so we could have some fun and I had 4 organisms. I even applied it to the tip of his penis and he loved it
I never thought a natural product could make me feel so confident. Thank you for rocking our world and making us feel connected again”
You guys isn’t that AH-Mazing 😲😲😲😲😲😲

Teeth Sensitivity
I am in awe...still processing the incredible results after starting to use Thieves toothpaste from Young Living.

At the encouragement of my healthy living coach (that's what I call my Young Living consultant), I have been using the toothpaste for about 5 months now. I use less than half the amount of conventional toothpaste so the tube lasts that much longer... approx 4 months

Last week, I went in for my annual dental checkup and cleaning and the results were surprising. One of the most difficult challenges is my extreme tooth sensitivity to metal. I would rather get a filling, because of the freezing, over a cleaning any day. Your typical over the counter sensitivity toothpaste was a must just to make things somewhat tolerable. The dental hygienist and I have an ongoing banter of how many times she will say sorry as I jump. It would not be an overstatement to say that the norm for many years has been 20 zings per session. Because of this, I usually needed two appointments to complete my cleaning…. because of the sensitivity not buildup.

So, we were both surprised at the results...only TWO minor zings, NO cavities, and only ONE regular appointment to complete my cleaning. And a more relaxing experience!!

I was completely hesitant on switching to Thieves toothpaste but so glad I did. I encourage anyone with a sensitivity issue to give it a try. Thanks Coach!