Have you lost your sense of smell?
A 2009 study found significant improvement in retraining smell by taking deep sniffs of known aromas in 4 different categories for 10 seconds each twice a day for at least 12 weeks.

What's the cause?
There are a few thing to look into with your doctor, but it's most likely because the cells in the olfactory bulb (responsible for smell recognition) have been damaged by a microorganism due to a respiratory illness!

How oils can help
Training smell by sniffing the same FOUR different smells 10 seconds each twice a day & *really* concentrating on what you're smelling. Try to imagine the smell at the same time.

Using pure, powerful oils like Young Living are vital for this because they're POTENT, medicinal, and instantly reach the olfactory bulb! Plus, Young Living oils do not have any solvents or other impurities in them. You don't want to be sniffing any of that when you are trying to cleanse your olfactory bulb.

Our limbic system is directly connected to our olfactory bulb. When people smell something, it transmits through to the limbic system, and its like the fog lifts, the brain just sort of takes over & suddenly they're able to smell again!

Choose an oil from each of the four different smell categories:
🌲Resinous: Eucalyptus, Grand Fir or Northern Lights Black Spruce
🍋Citrus: Lemon, Lemon Verbena, or Orange
🌹Floral: Lavender, Rose or Geranium
🔥Spicy: Thieves, Cinnamon or Peppermint

➔ Get 4 cotton balls or nasal inhalers
➔ Apply 2-3 drops of each oil on each cotton
➔ For 10 seconds, smell the first deeply through your nose. Try to imagine what you're smelling.
➔ Take a 10 second break
➔ Repeat 10 seconds smelling with a 10 second break between each for the remaining oils

Be patient & don’t give up... it can take weeks or months as there is no exact timeframe. It’s recommended to use this method twice a day & always with the SAME four oils.

⋒ Apply Helichrysum to the bridge of your nose 3x per day
⋒ Put a drop of peppermint on your thumb, stick it to the roof of your mouth 3x per day

You can purchase your own oils by clicking here to place your order. There are no membership fees, and no requirement to purchase again. If you have any questions, please comment below or contact me privately.


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