WHY should you take Detox baths?

This is one home remedy I have been using in our home for years now and I share with friends and family any chance I get. Detox baths are very useful at this time of year. But because the benefits are many, I would suggest doing them regularly all year long. If someone is getting sick a detox bath is a MUST!! Make sure you hydrate well before and after!

WHY should you take Detox baths?

By indulging in a detox bath, you are detoxifying and de-stressing your body, boosting your immune system, stimulating your lymph system, and increasing circulation.

Why Give Your Kids a Detox Bath?
  • To flush out toxins that have built up in their body.
  • To support their immune system.
  • To promote sleep and relaxation.
  • Relax muscles and nervous system. Great for growing kids.
  • Helps promote concentration.
Note: You can use 1 cup of each and do it as a foot bath if getting in the tub isn't an option.


Detox Bath 

2-4 cups Epsom salt

2-4 cups Baking Soda (aluminum free always)

2-4 cups 3% Hydrogen Peroxide
10-12 drops of essential oil of choice. Rosemary and Thieves are my go-to's. Click the links to see their benefits. They are registered Natural Health Products (NHPs).

  • Run the water as hot as you can stand it
  • Combine Epsom Salts, Baking Soda, and essential oils in a bowl
  • Pour mixture under running water
  • Pour peroxide into the tub
  • Sit in tub covered up to neck for at least 20 minutes. For children that are not feeling well, you may want to get in with them and have them rest on you covered by the water as much as possible. 
  • Rinse off well and get someone else to wash out the tub 🤣
  • Have a restful night sleep and wake refreshed and feeling well
NOTE:  It is most beneficial to soak in the detox bath for about 40min. This allows enough time for your body to remove toxins and to absorb minerals in the water.



~Epsom Salt: Is rich in magnesium & sulfate. These are easily absorbed through the skin which aid in detoxification. It acts as a broad spectrum cleanser, clearing lymphatic congestion, removing some heavy metals, and helping rid residual radiation and chemical exposures. Epsom salts are a smooth muscle relaxant and will help with muscles strains and pain. They also replenish the body’s magnesium levels, combating hypertension. It will induce sweating. They create dense bathwater and the osmotic pressure pulls toxin-laden fluids out of the body. 


~Baking Soda: Is a drawing agent and known for its cleansing ability and even has anti-fungal properties. It also neutralizes the chemicals like chlorine and increases mineral absorption. It is also naturally alkaline which aids in removing toxins. 


~Hydrogen Peroxide: Of all the ways to oxygenate the body this is the easiest and cheapest. By cleansing and purifying our skin, our bodies are better equipped to eliminate toxins. Hydrogen peroxide can help destroy toxins, organisms, and even pull out the residues left by soap and other body products. It is also antibacterial and antiviral. 


~Be sure to hydrate well. We add essential oils to this mixture or use some Vytalyte Drops 


There are oils for any mood:

•Uplifting oils

•Calming oils

•Immune supporting oils

•Energy to get the day going oils

... You get the idea.

I only recommend using Young Living Essential Oils. If you are trying to have a natural approach to your health without harmful ingredients you can trust the Seed to Seal Promise. If you are ready to get started, click here and I will send you resources to help learn how to use your products safely. You don't get that from a grocery store or Amazon!

Let's chat if you have questions and see if this is right for you. You work hard for your money and I can help you get the best value.


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