Snoring Have You Losing Sleep?

SNORE you don't lose sleep over it!

At least 100 people have tried this blend and some even call it a marriage saver. Men have shared it with their friends. Even single people who have tried it notice that their mouth is not dry in the morning and they feel rested. IT WORKS!!!
Most everybody snores from time to time but when the snoring is more constant it can cause real issues.

People will snore more when drinking too much alcohol, smoking, and being somewhat out of shape. This can lead to fatigue and a host of many other health issues – tiredness throughout the day, lack of focus, short tempered, and if you drive this can be dangerous. If left unattended to, sleep deprivation can have some very serious physical and mental repercussions.

Snoring can also play a destructive role in your relationship. No matter how much you love your partner, snoring can cause tension to creep into your relationship.

When your partner is so disturbed by your snoring that they decide to move into the spare room or onto the sofa, tensions might raise. You will lack the physical intimacy that couples need and might find yourself drifting apart.

If you are the snorer in the relationship, you are likely to feel embarrassed and frustrated or even feel powerless with the situation. I have a safe option for you to try!!

There is plenty of evidence that essential oils can help in your fight to alleviate snoring and for both you and your partner to get a relaxing night’s sleep. I originally put this blend together for my dad who was visiting without his sleep apnea machine and medications. If you have ever been someone who relies on a machine or medication to sleep this can be stressful. I have shared this recipe with dozens and some have even called it a marriage saver. It definitely is a health saver.

In a 5 ml bottle, mix:
  • 35 drops of Lavender
  • 30 drops of Thyme
  • 15 drops of Valor
  • 10 drops of peppermint
  • place an aroma fitment roller on top (You can purchase these from YL on your order. They come in a 10-pack)
How to Use:
Apply to the pad of big toe and where the big toe meets the foot. Super easy to lift the sheets and apply after they have gone to bed without doing so themselves 😂🤣😴

As with any oils application, we are all different and what works for someone may not work for another. This blend has worked for 100+ individuals that I am aware of with only one response of no success. Those are not bad odds.

PS: Some find using only the lavender and thyme can be beneficial. The valor was added for those legs that tend to get jumpy in the evening or those that need a little grounding. Peppermint is considered an amplifying oil that can intensify the effects of other oils or fill in where needed.

I only recommend Young Living Essential oils because of their quality. Using low-quality oil could lead to doing more harm to the body than good.  Please reach out if you have questions or would like to try a blend.  To place an order you can use my SIGN-UP LINK to receive 24% wholesale pricing and receive other applicable promos. Plus you will get support and resources from me for doing so.


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